Leading a multicultural, and often dispersed team brings many challenges for the manager - expectations, trust, autonomy, and engagement.

This course enables you to strengthen you and your team’s capacity for cooperation, even in a remote environment. 

The training is hands-on and practical and provides you with skills to immediately apply back in your workplace.

Example of content, depending on your requirements
  • What is culture and how does it affect leadership and teamwork?
  • My own cultural preferences
  • Cultural perceptions and stereotypes
  • The culturally fluent leader - what is it?
  • National values, corporate values, team values
  • Building synergies in multicultural teams
  • Virtual distance and the impact on leadership
  • Cultural attitudes to power and people
  • Culture’s impact on communication
  • Strategies for building trust in multicultural teams
  • Strategies for handling cultural differences
  • Creating a foundation (contact, trust, team spirit, etc.) in multicultural teams for a successful cooperation
  • Constructing a effective global team culture
  • Methods for designing intentional team cultures

The trainers
Key’s trainers have Master's degrees in Intercultural Competence and degrees in communication. They are experienced company leaders and highly skilled in delivering courses, seminars, lectures and coaching. 

Customised to your needs and goals

We offer face-to-face or blended solutions, starter level or advanced level, groups or individuals - whatever you prefer. If you want to lead your team so that everyone contributes at their full potential, this is the training for you.

Training can be a 1-3 day workshop, or a group seminar.  We also design individual training and coaching programs to focus on your specific needs.

Examples of Multicultural Team training
  • 'Building Strong Teams' for an India-Sweden-Finland development and China-Sweden teams at Ericsson
  • 'Multicultural Team Cooperation' for leaders in Ericsson HW and SW
  • 'Cultural Intelligence for Teams' for FreeMove Alliance
  • 'Building a strong team' Denmark-India for Schneider Electric
  • 'Multicultural Teams' for Trading House International

The course was really interesting and interactive. I got a much better understanding of how to make a good working environment.

                                       Course Participant, FreeMove Alliance