Here are some examples. Contact us for more information.

Trade show communication

We trained 50 technical staff at a large IT company in Germany on how to communicate at an up-coming customer innovation trade show. Participants learned how to present and communicate in a 'trade show' booth context, how to look after visitors and how to pitch their messages. 


At Ericsson, we were an integral part of a global, virtual training program for 150 Technical Talents located in Canada, USA, India, China, Australia and all around Europe. We trained the talents in desigining and delivering Personal Value Propositions, Project Presentations and Executive Presentations. We also trained them in Team Efficiencty, Building a Team Charter and Cultural Competence.

Digital transformation 2020

In response to the corona pandemic that began in 2020, we underwent a significant digital transformation. All of our courses are now avaliable as virtual options as well as face-to-face. Virtual training consists of inspiring on-line learning and dynamic live virtual sessions. 


'How can we work together although we come from different cultures?' This was the question we received from a manager at a company headquartered in Sweden. As a result, we developed a one-day training 'Cooperation Competence in Multicultural Teams for Leaders'. Participants were equipped with knowledge and skills to work together productively long into the future.

The swedish-chinese design team

With half the design team in China and the other half in Sweden, the Ericsson manager found it challenging to get cooperation to run smoothly. Onsite training was delivered to the team in China and to the team in Sweden to understand each other's perspectives, identify the problems they were facing, and clarify concrete actions for overcoming them

A SEB regional team meeting was held in Tallinn, Estonia and we were invited to run a seminar with the group. Working hands-on with real situations, we unearthed issues of communication between head office and regional office, different views on decision-making and involvement, and different interpretation of corporate values. At the end, we gave participants an understanding of the cultural differences that caused their challenges. In addition, we helped them gain clarity on ways of working to make cooperation easier and provided them with a stronger team feeling despite cultural diversity and geographical distance.

a winning nordic culture

As part of a change management project at NCC, one of the Nordic region's largest construction companies, we delivered half day seminars to increase cooperation and align ways of working across the Nordics for 300 managers, including C level executives. The training helped them in building a strong Nordic organisation to be more competitive on the market. 

working with the swedes

To date, we have helped hundreds of non-Swedes smoothly optimize their integration into Swedish working life. Participants leave with a clear understanding of the elements that drive Swedish communication and behavior in the workplace and how their own cultural background influences their views. This helps them contribute to building a work environment by leveraging on possible differences. Training and seminars have been delivered in various industries such as IT, Pharmaceutical, Legal Services and Telecom.

Chennai, Kista, Helsinki

The Ericsson development team, dispersed in India, Sweden and Finland was in start-up phase. To encourage a strong team culture, highlight and prevent possible challenges and build cooperation, we delivered onsite training to increase understanding of the impact culture on their ways of working. The forming of their future team culture lay in their hands - and participants were motivated to continue to work with it. 

Working with india/china/usa

Many companies find it challenging when they begin to work across cultural borders. Having suppliers, colleagues or production in other countries can create misunderstandings and frustration. In these situations, it is often useful to participate in a seminar in which one learns the country-specific information necessary to improve business cooperation. Over the years, we have trained thousands of people in many seminars with a focus on a specific country, such as India, UK, Poland, China or USA.


On an annual basis, we have been involved in the preparing and coaching of approximately 150 public speakers at Ericsson. The speakers have presented the latest developments in their company's product development to hundreds of sales people gathered in Stockholm and in Kuala Lumpur for a  large internal conference 

We have trained thousands of professionals in presentation skills. From corporate leaders and politicians to sales people and engineers, we have helped participants build their confidence to become excellent presenters. Working across all branches, the training we provide leaves participants with the ability to design and deliver professional presentations - every time! 


The BillerudKorsnäs sales team of 220 people, distributed in Singapore, Portland, Hamburg, Shenzhen and Stockholm wanted to improve sales communication with their customers. As part of their Sales Excellence program, we delivered 2-day onsite courses in Effective Presentations and 4-day courses in Advanced Negotiations. Small groups maximised individual feedback and development. This resulted in better customer communication, increased confidence and immediately improved business. 

negotiations for sourcing professionals

During the 40 years we have been operational, we have trained thousands of people in the subject of negotiations. One example is a recurring assignment that we have with SILF, where we train their sourcing and logistics professionals in Advanced Negotiation. The training helps them to improve their strategic planning, understand their personal negotiation style, improve their ability to influence others and negotiate from a position of weakness.

At pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca, we were asked to lead a training initiative for 200 of their managers. The training focused on helping the participants to motivate and inspire their staff during a period of constant change. Dealing with resistance, managing dialogues and handling difficult communication situations were an intrinsic part of this program.


SKF - a large industrial concern required help in developing their value messages to their market. Applying our Communicating Value methodology, we trained over 300 employees in how to identify the value they brought, what differentiated them and how to best communicate it to the customers. 

Communication for Scrum Masters
Any company that applies agile processes usually works with the concept of Scrum Master. This role is a challenging one, where you are responsible for leading the process and the team, but without direct reporting authority. This places specific demands on communication skills - the ability to persuade, inspire and motivate become essential. This training has been run sucessfully at various customers using the LEAN methodology.

Persuasive Communication for Lawyers
Law firm Mannheimer Swartling contacted us for training of their legal staff in Influence and Persuasion. The training looked at methods of influence, how to structure clear communication and how to apply the multicultural context to the influencing situation