we blend, we flip and we meet you face to face

We know that the most motivating learning is goal-focused, practical and enjoyable. We also know that people prefer to learn in different ways. That's why we structure training solutions to fit in with your reality and your preferences.

  • We run hands-on, face-to-face competence development, together with a trainer, over a defined length of time. This is provided at your workplace or in a training venue. 
  • Prefer the flexibility of self-paced learning? We offer on-line modules in many of our subject areas.
  • Is a combination of face to face and virtual learning most useful for you? We can blend your learning so that you take the theory on line at your own pace  and meet remotely with a trainer specifically for practice and feedback. 

Whatever your preference, we can accommodate. As long as you are learning and developing, then we're as happy as can be.

we customise the training to your organisation's needs and goals

All the training we provide is in-house. We custom-build training for individual organisations and their participants. Training is highly interactive allowing participants to immediately apply the skills they learn to their real world situations. We apply a well-proven process to make sure the training we deliver is the right one for you.

Stage 1: Agreement on scope - face to face, online, blended
We discuss your challenges, needs and set objectives with the relevant people in your organisation. Based on this, we create a course or program outline, a cost proposal and a scope suggestion. Upon approval, we move into the process of customising content in line with the requirements.

Stage 2: Research and Data Collection
To gain a deeper understanding of your organisation, we review corporate documentation. We may also interview relevant managers and potential participants. We liaise with the appropriate people to write relevant examples and cases to use on the training. A more detailed agenda is created for review and approval so that we ensure the content meets the needs and the objectives. Training premises are arranged.

Stage 3: Prior to the training
Participants receive an invitation with pre-workshop preparation activities via our on-line learning platform. Each participant completes a needs analysis. We use this information to make final updates to the training and incorporate specific individual needs of the participants. As all our training is reality-based, participants select a case to work on. In this way, the training is relevant and the workshop tools are immediately applicable.

Stage 4: Delivery
Training is delivered in the desired format (face-to-face, online or blended). All training, irrespective of format, has a strong focus on experiential learning: trainer input, practice, reflection, discussion and individual feedback.

Stage 5: Post-assessment
Upon completing the training, participants fill in an on-line evaluation for your review.  A meeting is carried out with the relevant stakeholders to evaluate the impact of the training initiative and support the organisation with strategies for implementing the learnings. If requested, continuing post-program support can be available on an ongoing basis.