country seminars

Focus on a specific country.

In the culturally diverse workplace, improving your understanding of how cultural values, attitudes and the behaviours of others can impact cooperation in the workplace is essential for achieving the best possible results.

This training provides you with insight into the cultural aspects of a specific country so that you can work successfully together.

Example of content, depending on your requirements
  • Focus on a specific country such as Sweden, China, India, UK, USA etc
  • Definitions of culture
  • Cultural worldview - my own cultural identity
  • Unconscious Bias, Cultural perceptions and the impact of stereotypes about the focus country
  • The contextual profile of the focus country
  • The cultural profile of the focus country
  • Communication style of the focus country 
  • Strategies for building trust and cooperation with the focus country
  • Strategies for handling the possible cultural differences

The trainers
Key’s trainers are specialists in their subjects and on the country in focus. They are academically educated and bring their hands on experience and knowledge to the training.  

Customised to your needs and goals

We have trained thousands of people in intercultural competence. We offer face-to-face or blended solutions,  groups or individuals - whatever you prefer. 

Country-specific training is usually a half day to a full day. We also offer individual coaching where we focus on your specific situations and provide you with a cultural profile. 

Examples of country specific seminars
  • Working with the Chinese
  • Focus on Sweden
  • Understanding Indian working culture
  • Focus on USA culture
  • Working with Italians
  • Focus on Polish work culture
  • Building a Nordic culture

Very useful training. I was interested the whole time. I now feel much better equipped to deal with my colleagues and customers in India. 
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