negotiation skills

The ability to negotiate is an essential requirement in the workplace. Negotiating well demands effective preparation, persuasive communication and winning people skills – all of which you learn on this training.

Key's negotiation training applies the principles from the Harvard Project on Negotiation, developed to build trust and long term agreements. 

The training is hands-on and practical and provides you with skills to immediately apply back in your workplace.

Example of content, depending on your requirements
  • The trust dilemma
  • Competitive and cooperative approaches to negotiation
  • Principled negotiation
  • Identifying your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Looking for interests without locking into positions, and build better business relationships
  • Questioning techniques– for gathering information
  • Creating options  – applyng a joint problem solving approach
  • Making better deals for mutual gain
  • Claiming value while preserving the relationship
  • Negotiation communication techniques
  • The secrets of successful negotiators 
  • Preventing and dealing with negative tactics 
  • Negotiating from a weak position 

The trainers
Key’s trainers are specialists in Negotiations and bring hands on experience and knowledge to the training. They are educated at Harvard Business School in this subject area and are highly skilled in delivering courses, seminars, lectures and coaching. 

Customised to your needs and goals

We have trained thousands of people in negotiation skills. We offer face-to-face or blended solutions, starter level or advanced level, for groups or individuals - whatever you prefer.

Training can be 1-4 days, seminars or lectures, depending on your learning goals. The workshop is an interactive blend of theoretical input, discussion, activity and feedback. This makes it strongly practical, hands-on and applicable to your work.

Examples of Negotiation Skills training

  • 'Negotiating from a Weak Position' for purchasers on certification program at SILF
  • 'Negotiation Essentials' and 'Advanced Negotiations' for thousands of Ericsson employees in various locations around the world
  • 'Negotiation for Sales Excellence' for over 200 sales people at BillerudKorsnäs
  • 'Advanced Negotiations and Influencing' for Key Account Managers at Dahl
  •  'Advanced Negotiations' for 50 international purchasers at PCMG - Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group 

It has already helped me immensely, has given me a huge confidence booster, in terms of results, I have been able to get price increase in my market for the first time in 5 years in such a price sensitive and controlled market. All this in less than 30 days in between the two modules.
                                                         Participant BillerudKorsnäs